6 Simple tips to Score well in Maths

Mathematics is one of the highest scoring subjects, yet several students find it difficult to understand its real-life applications. Every student has to study Mathematics at one time or another and almost every profession uses mathematics in some form on a daily basis. Students generally don’t like mathematics and hence they give less attention to this subject. Interest in this subject will decide whether its preparation will be a nightmare or fun. You don’t have to be extraordinary for scoring well in this subject. However, it’s also true that you can’t score well in mathematics by just reading and memorizing the formulas.

Here are few tips to help you enhance your understanding for this subject and prepare you well for the examination point of view:

(i) Make proper notes and formula sheets: Mathematics is all about formulas, theorems, derivations and its practical applications. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a proper notebook having the list of all the important formulas that could be helpful at the time of revision and practicing. Certain important topics like triangles, Calculustrigonometry, algebra, etc contain a lot of theorems and formulas that one needs to practice and memorize.

(ii) Find your own solution: There are several ways in which you can find the solution of any mathematical problem. Hence, to have a better understanding of any concept try to find your own solution. This will not only help you to understand the practical application of any concept but it will also prepare you for different problems asked during examinations that you haven’t practiced before.

(iii) Learn through visualization: The Students must focus more on understanding the concepts rather than just memorizing it. Understanding is the key to success. Therefore, you should try to focus more on understanding the concepts and formulas which will definitely boost your score and performance.

Most of the students don’t like mathematics because, they find it hard to retain concepts and formulas and hence, they waste a lot of their time in preparing and revising the same concepts again and again.

However, through visualization, the students are able to retain each and every concept for a much longer period of time thus helping the students to prepare the entire syllabus smoothly.

Also, certain concepts need 3D visualization of concepts for better understanding. Nowadays, Educational applications like “Byju’s The Learning App”  are filled with hundreds of Interactive learning modules related to the topic where the students could learn easily through videos.

(iv) Figure out the practical application of concepts: Most of the mathematical concepts have practical applications around us but still most of us are unaware of it. While preparing any concept the students must figure out its real-life application which would be helpful in understanding the topic in a much better way. For Example Probability is used in determining the Weather Forecasting, etc.

(v) Keep practicing the important formulas along with their substitutions and important properties: 

Prepare the derivations properly because several complicated questions could be solved easily by using the basic concepts from the derivations.

While practicing, you might get stuck several times. However, by learning visual techniques of problem-solving, you could acquire the skills of solving complex problems in a shorter period of time. As most of the concepts are interlinked, therefore, start from the beginning and don’t skip or start preparing from the random chapters.

(vi) Revise smartly and Effectively:

Revision is an important task. While preparing, maintain a list of all the important formulas included in your syllabus and revise them regularly. While practicing, mark questions in which you faced difficulties and practice only those problems while revising. You don’t need to solve the entire exercises again and again.