Tips to Take into Account when Selecting an Online Tutoring Service

These days, online tutoring has become more popular especially with K-12 students. A lot of kids meet with private tutors through video calling when meeting in-person is not possible. Also, a number of kids subscribe to sites dedicated to internet tutoring.

Online tutoring offers students the versatility to learn on their won schedule. However, this industry is growing fast that there is a broad gap in service qualities among providers. Researching a company before you spend money can truly save you bucks.

Online Tutoring Service

Misconceptions on Online Tutoring

Selecting the right tutor that will suit the need and ability of your kid can be challenging especially if it is your first time to hire an online tutor. After you study some consumer questions at an online classroom, you can easily see some common misconceptions on this type of tutoring.

  • Online tutoring must be more affordable than in-person tutoring. This idea considers the fact that online tutoring does not involve any physical building and a tutor does not have to travel to visit a student in his home, thus, the cost must be less than conventional tutoring. At present, online tutoring costs around $30 per hour and can go higher depending on the subject matter. But, the reason for such cost is that online tutoring companies need to look for very talented individuals from across the globe rather than from the local market.

Misconceptions Online Tutoring

  • Internet tutoring is not personable. Although it is true that a number of tutoring services like Long Beach tutoring depend on computer software programs for educating students, a lot of such services depend on video chat systems allowing students and tutors to interact. Also, a number of companies also depend on a whiteboard-type environment to allow students and teachers to work together on a certain project.
  • Online tutoring cannot teach reading. People think that a struggling student cannot read the text in an online tutoring session. But, the tutor interfaces with students through a video chat letting the setup to resemble an actual classroom environment. Certainly, guiding a student can be possible with a good tutor who has technological skills and ability to use digitized copy.

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Avoiding Scams

It is important to protect yourself whenever you do online business and you need to take into account some factors as you find a legitimate online tutoring service for your kid.

  • Focus on the online presence of a service. You can expect a reputed tutoring service to present itself professionally over the web. You should not choose an individual or company that does not invest in a quality website. Check out the About Us page of the site and their credentials to see if their services are recommended or endorsed by universities, colleges and other educational institutions.

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  • Read reviews online. Apart from ensuring the quality of a tutoring company’s site which explains their fee schedule and services, look for reviews on them. Know about the views of former students and the rating of the service given by independent sources.
  • Get recommendations from other clients. Word of mouth recommendations from current or past students or parents provide valuable insights into the quality of the tutors of a company as well as the methods used for instruction.